BTS 방탄소년단 – Intro: Singularity [Lyrics English Translation]

English Translation

Intro: Singularity

The sound of something breaking
Suddenly wakes me from my sleep
It sounds so unfamiliar
I try to cover my ears but I can’t fall asleep

My throat is sore
I try to nurse it
But I don’t have a voice
I listen to that sound again today

That sound resonates again
And the ice on this frozen lake cracks
It’s the lake that I abandoned myself in
Don’t you remember I buried my voice for you?

A thick layer of ice has formed
Above the lake where I was abandoned
Even in my brief dream
The phantom pain that haunts me remains

Did I lose myself?
Or did I gain you?
Suddenly I run to the lake
Oh, My face is in there

Please, don’t say a single word
Though I reach out to cover your mouth
The spring is going to come one day
And the ice is going to melt away

Tell me, if my voice is fake,
Then should I have not thrown myself away?
Tell me, if my pain itself is not real,
What should I have done back then?


Deep. Why do I feel like he’s talking about his life as an idol singer? A sort of a dialogue with his fragmented self. His muted “real” self. Reminds me of Jonghyun 😦 😦