Hello all the K-pop and K-drama lovers out there!

This blog is a collection of Korean song lyrics and my translations of them. I like to consider this space as a corner of hidden gems in the K-pop scene. So even though you may find that some popular and trending songs are missing here, you will definitely see that it contains a wide collection of really poetic songs from obscure indie artists, old K-drama/movie OSTs and even 90s. This is because I like to pick songs for their meaningfulness and depth rather than their popularity and catchiness.

But this doesn’t mean that the blog doesn’t have ANY popular songs or that I am particularly resistant of mainstream K-pop culture. (Oh no! I’m a huge fan of SHINee as you can see, and many others). Just that I feel that some of these songs really need to be recognised for their depth of meaning – can’t help it, I study literature.

But I always try to make it as diverse as possible. So feel free to leave requests for translations of your favorite songs ^^

Hope you find the content useful and enjoyable ^^

-Kpop sonyeo-

Contact me : kpopsonyeo9977@gmail.com

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