English Translation

The Photograph in My Heart

I remember the song we used to sing together
Sitting across each other

Gently, I close my eyes
And try to hold your image in them
Alone, in this place we used to walk together in
I call your name

Whether it was cold winter or dark night
I smiled because you were with me
In that spring that you gave me
We prayed for it to last forever

Like in that small photograph branded on my eyes
You remain, still the same

Even though our dreamlike fate has come to pass
It is engraved in the deep recesses of my heart
Even though I remain alone on this road
I still see you like this

Your face and your breath
Every moment that blossomed for me
Forever remain in my heart, forever
Just like that small photograph that won’t fade

Did you know?
You are the reason that I am alive today
Don’t be lonely, and don’t get hurt ever again
Live on like this, in my heart

I remember the song we used to sing together
Sitting across each other


Hangul Lyrics

내 마음의 사진

너와 마주 앉아 입 맞춰 부르던
노랫소릴 기억합니다

살며시 감은 나의 두 눈 속에
그대 모습 담아봅니다
함께 걸었던 이곳에 홀로이
그대 이름 불러봅니다

시린 겨울도 어두운 밤도
함께 있음에 난 웃었지
그대 내게 준 그 봄에 우리
영원을 기도했죠

두 눈에 담은 작은 사진처럼
그대 여전히 남아있네요

꿈같은 운명 사라진대도
마음 깊은 곳에 새겨져
이 길에 홀로 남아 있어도
이렇게 그댈 보죠

그대의 얼굴 그대의 숨결
내게 피었던 모든 순간
지울 수 없는 작은 그 사진처럼
영원히 내 맘속에 영원히

알고 있나요 그대 때문에
오늘도 내가 살아가요
외롭지 마요 다시 아프지 마요
이렇게 내 마음에 살아가요

너와 마주 앉아 입 맞춰 부르던
노랫소릴 기억합니다



If you listen closely you’ll hear a chanting of “Arirang” in the background of the latter part of the song. Arirang comes from traditional Korean folk music and is generally associated with separation and strong feelings of sorrowful longing. It also represents national sentiments, particularly against Imperial Japanese rule in early 20th C. ie, it harkens back to a time before Korea was split in two. [wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arirang#Resistance_anthem ] And so the connection with the narrative of the Drama…

Don’t forget to check out the heart warming male counterpart of this song – Hill of Longing/ 그리움의 언덕 (Crash Landing on You OST part 7). It’s as if they are singing to each other across the border, in the same melody of “the song [they] used to sing together” ❤ ❤

5 thoughts on “Crash Landing on You OST – The Photograph in My Heart 내 마음의 사진 [Lyrics English Translation]

  1. Thank you for sharing the comments. This series seems to have left a deep impact on many people including myself. The music itself evokes so many emotions and after following the link you provided regarding Arirang – oh my! I was moved to tears. Thank you again for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was literally in tears when I was translating this, so I HAD to share the background and my views, which I don’t usually do. I’m glad to hear that it made you rethink of the meaning behind the song. Thank you for visiting, and feel free to leave translation requests if you have any 🙂
      Kpopsonyeo ❤


      1. I would like a Hangul version if possible. I am learning Korean and thoroughly enjoying the journey. This song would be a lot easier for me to learn and sing along with than those my daughter has introduced me to by BTS 😆

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh! So you’re learning Korean! That’s great. I too first started learning Korean by transcribing songs I hear. Makes you practice the alphabet plus boosts your vocabulary. Two birds in one stone. Three if you enjoy reading poetry, because many of these Korean songs are really quite poetic. That’t how I ended up translating these beautiful songs lol. I suppose BTS songs are a bit too fast for the purpose, though they are all deep and meaningful…

        I updated the post so now you can see the hangul lyrics too. Hope it helps. Good luck with your studies, and happy fangirling!


      3. Wow! Thank you so much for the Hangul lyrics!

        You are quite right; the lyrics are like poetry and of course having watched the series they accompany they are more meaningful.

        I have tried BTS’s Mic Drop – there seems to be something missing in the translation. From what I was told, the song opens up talking about being born with a silver spoon (or not?) but one translation put it “your cutlery is dirty”.

        Being relatively new to Korean entertainment I have been thoroughly sucked in like Alice down the rabbit hole. My newest discovery is Descendants of the Sun and it has defiantly turned me into a fangirl!

        Thanks Again!


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