English Translation

Our Happy Ending

I wish our ending
Wouldn’t be a sad one
If only we didn’t have to end up in tears
When we remember this moment..
Want Happy Ending

If that is not possible,
Become a most painful scar for me
If it reminds me of you
I will gladly embrace the pain
Will you do that for me?


When I see the fragile you
I forget my long sorrow for a moment
I want to rest in your arms once more

I can’t help my desire for you
Surpassing my ever-growing fear
I want to see how you’d look in the dazzling winter too

If that is not possible,
Remember me by this moment
Our night is sadly beautiful
And flower petals rain down
(It’s) Our Happy Ending


Hangul Lyrics

Our Happy Ending

우리의 결말이
슬프지 않았으면 좋겠어
이 순간을 떠올리며 울지 않도록
그러면 안 될까
Want Happy Ending

그럴 수 없다면
아주 아픈 상처가 되어줘
너를 기억할 수 있는
흉이 지도록 기꺼이 아플게

연약한 너를 바라보며
오랜 괴로움을 잠시 잊어
이대로 한번 더 네게 안겨 쉬고 싶어

자꾸 커지는 두려움보다
참을 수 없는 욕심이 나
눈이 부실 겨울의 너도 보고 싶어져

그럴 수 없다면
이 장면으로 날 기억해줘
서글프게 아름다운
우리의 밤도 꽃잎이 나리는
Our Happy Ending


Hangul lyrics from: roseapplechostlyrics

2 thoughts on “Hotel Del Luna OST – Our Happy Ending by IU [Hangul Lyrics + English Translation]

  1. Thanks for uploading the translation of this song. 🙂 May I request that you also translate the lyrics of the song Blooming Story (ft. Jo Hae Jin) /Tearliner, it’s one of the songs from the recent series “Love Alarm”! 🙂 The song is already out on Spotify and YouTube. I really love that song and it’s especially apt for EP 7 and 8 of the series.

    Keep up with the awesome work, thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heey!! It’s nice to hear from you after a long time. I haven’t watched Love Alarm yet, but it’s definitely at the top of my to-watch list. I just listened to the song and it’s so lovely! I can’t wait to translate it. Please check the site in a couple of days 🙂 (or maybe a couple of hours ;))
      Thanks for visiting! And happy watching! ❤


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