[Literal translation of title: What Kind of Relationship]

I wonder if my eyes have gone bad
Because I couldn’t sleep well these few days
Your face looks so fair today

My friends whisper
And your friends worry
That’s why I’m asking, what exactly is our relationship?

It’s because this is really my first time
Saying something like this
To be honest, I’m a bit nervous
What is wrong with me?
I only think of you all the time
What is our relationship?

Well, for example
Why did you get angry last week
When I couldn’t reply properly because I was busy?

If I say this
I’m worried that
Things will get awkward between us
But what can I do?
This is how I feel
I really like you

Everyone else but us
Knows this relationship
That strange feeling was awkward

This excitement sometimes
Even woke me from my sleep
It made me miss you even more
Every time I closed my eyes
You came up like a dazzling star
I didn’t know what to do

What is wrong with me?
I only think of you all the time
I really like you

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