Dear Moon

Dear moon, my moon
You never come close
Like that moon that I can’t reach
No matter how much I hurry after it

Oh moon, like moon
Why won’t you disappear?
You’re like that moon that follows me
Even if I turn around and run away from it
You are

Could it be coincidence?
That moment our eyes met?
I can almost hear the deep voice
Coming up and speaking to me

You give me your answer
The answer that you hesitated to give
You are far away
But I think I know everything

Oh moon, My moon
I’m not trying to embrace you
I know that you are too immense
To fit into my arms


Oh moon, My moon
I’m not trying to own you
The reason why you’re so dazzling to me
Is because I am a pitch-black night

Is it coincidence?
I think I saw a shadowy stain
That doesn’t suit you
Somewhere on your white face

I wave my hand
It’s my sign language to call you
In this place, there’s a lonely being
That resembles you so much

You don’t wane

My only moon
Down to the depths of the night
That I can’t reach
You shine down your white light, that serenity

I will stay up tonight too


2 thoughts on “My Mister OST – Dear Moon [Lyrics English Translation]

  1. This has to be the very best translation I have seen for this song. Thank you so much for bringing this song to life in a language more familiar to me, kpopsonyeo. Fantastic job!

    Liked by 1 person

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