English Translation


I quietly walk the path you walked
Because I was curious if it would mean the same to me
Because it felt it’s like your feelings that get unfathomable
When the heart-chilling night approaches

Suddenly I look back at how unfamiliar being at your side was
Me by your side, and you taking care of me…
I can’t imagine it properly
Just like our hearts that are slowly growing familiar

You are the one who held me steady
When I staggered at every single word
You were warm to me, I who was clumsy at everything
You embraced me, I who was childish because it was my first time

I’m becoming dull again
Dust is settling down
Dust is piling up again
In my heart that no one peeps into,
Dust is settling down

I was running, looking only up ahead
But you put me to right, you who resemble me
I feel assured because you’re by my side
When you smile, I end up smiling myself

The anticipation when I go to you
And the emptiness and loneliness in the way back…
I want to see you for longer, slowly and slowly
I want to embrace even your long shadow
I want to cocoon you
I want to embrace you

You came inside me suddenly
And said “let’s eat”
I’m falling for that unfamiliar way you looked at me

Hangul Lyrics


당신 가던 길을 가만 걸어봤어
내게 같은 의미일지 궁금해서
다시 마음이 추워지는
밤이 오면 모를 네 감정 같아서

문득 낯선 네 곁을 돌아봐
네 옆의 나 나를 챙기는 너
점점 익숙해져가는 우리 마음처럼
잘 그려지지가 않아

작은 한마디에 흔들리는
나를 잡아주는 너라서
모든 게 서툰 날 따스히 대해준 너
처음이라 어리숙한 날 안아준 너라서

난 다시 멍해져
먼지가 앉는다
다시 먼지가 쌓인다
아무도 기웃거리지 않는
내 맘에 먼지가 앉는다

앞만 보며 달려오던 날
잡아준 날 닮은 너
네가 옆에 있어 맘이 놓여
너의 웃는 모습에 나도 웃고 말아

가는 길에 기대감이
오는 길에 허전함이 쓸쓸함이
더 오래 보고 싶어 천천히 천천히
너의 긴 그림자도 안아주고파

갑자기 내 안에 들어와
밥 먹자던 그 낯선 모를 시선에
난 빠져들어

Hangul lyrics from: thecherrya

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