English Translation

Now at Last

I won’t ask you to come back
I promised myself this one time
Because it would be harder on me to see you changed
It was for my own sake

I wouldn’t remember anymore
It’s best to forget it and live
What is still left of the memories
Will be gone when I meet someone

The long sad days are passing
Have you forgotten me as well?
If this was going to happen, If it was going to turn out like this,
Maybe we shouldn’t ever have met after all

Now at last, I’m comfortable being without you
Nothing much happens to break my heart
It’s a little boring, and sometimes it’s lonely
But still for my own sake…

I’m not uneasy anymore
I have nothing more to be suspicious of either
Now that I think back alone,
We couldn’t really stand each other, right?

“I will love you forever”
Why did you tell me so back then?
Still, even now,
I regret ever having met you

It’s me who’s like this even time passes
And I’m blaming you instead of me
I’m sorry

Is every love like this?
When I think I’ve forgotten I remember even more
If we liked each other, if we loved each other,
Let’s pray that we’ll never meet again


Hangul Lyrics

이제 그만

이제 그만 돌아오라고 안해요
이번만은 내게 다짐했어요
변한 그댈 보면 더 힘들테니까
날 위해

이젠 더 기억하지 않아요
잊어버리고 사는게 좋네요
아직 남아있는 잔 추억들은
누굴 만나면 그만이겠죠

길었던 슬픈 날이 지나고
요즘은 그대도 날 잊고 사나요
이럴거라면 이렇게 될 거라면
처음부터 만나지 말걸 그랬네요

이제 그만 그대 없는게 편해요
마음 아파 울 일 별로 없어요
좀 지루하지만 때론 외롭지만

이젠 불안하지 않아요
더 의심하는 일도 없네요
혼자 뒤에 와 생각해보니
우린 서로 너무 못참았죠

영원히 너를 사랑한다고
그때는 그대 내게 왜 그랬나요
지금까지도 나는 아직까지도
그대와 만나게 된 걸 후회해요

시간이 지나도 이러고 있는 나에요
나 말고 그대를 탓하고 있죠

사랑이란게 다 이런가요
잊었다 생각하면 더 생각나요
좋아했다면 우리 사랑했다면
다시는 마주치지 말길 바래요

Hangul lyrics from: LyricsKorea.com

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