English Translation

Obsession (lit. trnslation – Desire)

The trembling hands, the focus that’s about to be lost.
Why do my failing legs stand here?
I can’t even remember, and I’m getting scared.
You were smiling a moment ago, but where are you now?

(Why) It sounded like a joke. Did you really leave me? far away.
(Why) Will it ever fade? This shackle-like scar?

*I curse. I curse myself who let you go,
Even though my broken heart is crying out
“Don’t abandon me, don’t leave me alone”
I want you. I want you like crazy.
Your lips that left me, don’t love them.
Don’t love me, I abandoned you, didn’t I?

I simply wanted to give you endless love
I couldn’t guess it would suffocate you.
The torn days inside my wounded heart,
The tears of love that have lost their way,
They rise and swallow me up to the chin.

(Why) Why do I still take out the sad goodbye that’s inside me?
(Why) Just for today, don’t push me away.


I hope that you will realize,
That I am just another you.
I embraced even your nightmare from yesterday night.
Don’t let go of my hand.


By your side, by your cold side,
My torn apart heart says; don’t leave me,
Don’t go away, don’t hold your hand.
I remember. I can’t ever forget you.
I will not forget, not even my hurt that was thrown away.
How can I forget? when it’s something you gave me?

Loving you itself became a crime.
The deep wounds were consumed in flame and became ash.
But forgetting you is only more painful than losing you.
I will hold my breath and die little by little in the pain of farewell.
To that moment, bring it back.

Don’t abandon me.


Hangul Lyrics

더 떨리는 두 손 곧 떨어질 초점
고장난 내 다리 여기 왜 서있는지
기억조차 안나 무서워 지는 걸
방금까지 웃고있던 넌 어딨는지

(Why) 장난같은 소리 날 떠나 버렸니 넌 저 멀리
(Why) 희미해질까 족쇄같은 흉터

*욕해 놓쳐버린 날 욕해
무너진 내 심장은 날 버리지마
날 혼자 두지마 외치고 있지만
널 원해 미친 듯 난 널 원해
날 떠난 네 입술은 사랑하지마
날 사랑하지마 널 버린 거잖아

단지 끝없는 사랑 주고 싶었던 것뿐
더 넘친 사랑이 그댈 졸을 줄이야
상처난 가슴에 찢겨진 나날들
길 잃은 사랑, 눈물 턱까지 차올라

(Why) 아직도 내 안에 슬픈 안녕만 건내는 건지
(Why) 오늘까지만 날 밀쳐내지마


너 제발 눈치 채 주길
난 또 다른 너인 걸
네 어젯밤의 악몽까지 감싸 안아
손을 놓지 마


곁에 차가워진 네 곁에
찢겨진 내 가슴은 날 떠나지마
더 멀어지지마 네 손을 잡지만
기억해 끝내 널 잊지 못해
버려진 내 아픔도 난 잊지 않아
잊을 수 없잖아 네가 준 거잖아

사랑한다는 이유조차 죄가 됐지
깊은 상쳐들은 타 들어가 재가 됐지
하지만 잃는 것보다 잊는 것이 더 아파올 뿐
숨죽이며 이별의 고통에 서서히 난 죽어갈 뿐
그 순간으로 bring it back

날 버리지마

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